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مارس12201610:04:05 صـجمادى آخر21437
Headliner Concerts Review - Talent Showcase
Headliner Concerts Review - Talent Showcase
Headliner Concerts Review - Talent Showcase
مارس12201610:04:05 صـجمادى آخر21437
منذ: 3 سنوات, 2 شهور, 7 أيام, 4 ساعات, 51 دقائق, 46 ثانية



n February 20th, 2016 the first “Headliner Concerts” commenced at the El Portal Theatre in North Hollywood, CA (http://www.elportaltheatre.com)Headliner Concerts is a world-class event that focuses on showcasing quality live entertainment from fresh, exceptional, up and coming talent. The talent ranges from musical acts to include rap and hip-hop artists, alternative musicians as well as a diverse list of accomplished comedians that have preformed nationally. The atmosphere is that of professionalism and productivity for participants to allow their talent to shine and help grow their fan base.

The event was hosted by Actress/Miss Egypt Sarah Fasha and Actor Mike Strong (Chocolate City 2). With over ten different acts throughout the night plus amazing spins from DJ Johnny Miles, the night was in full swing with a great turn out.



Headlining the event was none other than Amber Laura aka “Fabb Abb” from the hit show Love and Hip-Hop Hollywood where she preformed three of her latest rap singles, one in collaboration with her cast mateMiles aka "Sir Brock" also on the hit reality show. Other musical acts included AC of We On Mars, Becca, and Reasn.





Comedians involved included the hilarious ten-year veteran, Boogie B originally from New Orleans, who has been featured on “LaughsTV” on FOX, LaffsMobb’s “We Got Next” on Aspire TV and “Deal With It” on TBS.



Other comedians that preformed but not limited to were the very funny Trey Elliot, Adee McCovey and many more. The final headlining comedic act of the night was the very entertaining actor/comedian Kevin Tate who preformed his hysterical “Trust Issues” stand up leaving the audience in tears of laughter.



Premaire productions is a combined effort between two talented entrepreneurs, Premaire (CEO) and KP(CO-CEO). Premaire is a seasoned sound engineer and previous tour manager for singer Amanda Perezwhile KP has credentials through his work with Def Jam/Fontana Records and relationships with top musical artists such as Redman and Rick Ross to name a couple. Both power players hold a vast amount of experience in the music industry and aspire to provide public access to upscale events and entertainment through quality marketing and promotion that also presents opportunities for new musical talents to be discovered.



Mission Statement: Premaire Productions strives to develop refreshing multi genre inclusive events that are engaging and enjoyable for our patrons, while providing quality groundbreaking opportunities for our participants to showcase their talent on a modest budget. We remain dedicated to being original and imaginative, working with and rewarding exceptional talent, incorporating innovative ideas into productive amazing events, and having a great time. This approach will allow us to increase our presence in the entertainment industry, build relationships with developing new talent and assist in the evolution of live entertainment worldwide.




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منذ: 3 سنوات, 2 شهور, 7 أيام, 4 ساعات, 51 دقائق, 46 ثانية